WELCOME to the Retriever Daily Report of the 2010 National Open Field Trial, November 14-20, brought to you by the National Retriever Club and written by Tina Ebner and Gwen Jones. We hope you enjoy these daily updates on the National Open, held this year in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brought to you by Avery

Fourth Series: Water Triple with an Out of Order Flyer

The 4th Series is a Water Triple with an out of order flyer. The line is on a hill and the flyer is on a hill 175 yards to the left side of the line with a deep draw between the two. The flyer is a hen pheasant thrown right to left and is the first bird down. The middle bird, a hen pheasant, is thrown second; it is 150 yards across the pond thrown right to left, retiring behind a well brushed blind. The right-hand bird, a duck, is the go-bird. This bird is also thrown right to left; it is across the pond at 90 yards and has the gunner retiring behind another brushed blind. The pond has two decoys placed so that the dogs must pass them on the way to the marks. There is an honor to the left of the line.

The front gate of the Lampkin property.

What a difference a day makes! Here comes the sun...

We begin today with dog # 32. Test dog 6:40 am. Test dog at 7 am. Today we are praying for better weather. But it is cold, brrrr--a brisk 37 degrees, same as in Wisconsin, this morning! On a happy note, today's sponsor, Avery Sporting Dog, has replaced the Retriever News tent so we will be well-protected from the elements. THANK YOU, David Carrington and Avery!!

John Parrott and Linda Patterson

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is the Worker's Party. The tests should be shutting down early so that everyone can make their way to the Vicksburg Convention Center at 6 pm. There sould be food and drink and fun for everybody! Everyone has worked so hard this week and also before the event at set-ups...so come on down and have some refreshments, you deserve it!

Seth Steenburgen and Bobby George.

These two gentlemen have been visiting from K2 Solutions. Retriever News has been working with them to find started dogs to aid soldiers in Afghanistan. Bobby George has offered to write an article on the relationship between the trainers and their dogs. After months of careful conditioning and training, the dogs are paired with the soldiers and then their work really begins. These soldier/dog teams have extraordinary experiences together that are hard for you or I to imagine. Be sure to look for an article in a future Retriever News early next year describing their inseperable bonds. Thank you, Bobby...looking forward to reading it.

Day 4 dawned clear and cold. Frost covered windshields greeted the handlers in the parking lot with the gauge reading 35 degrees. There was a low ground fog early as the workers were taking their places in the field. Test dog Molly was run at 6:50 am, handled by Mark Medford. The first running dog, #32, came to the line at 7:00 am. The work has been pretty good this morning with clear skies and a gentle breeze. We have run 20 in the first two hours with some hunts but no handles and no pick-ups. There has only been one no-bird. More pictures and information later.

The wind has really picked up from the East-Southeast, 8-15 mph, and there have been several no-birds; 5 out of 8. We have 6 dogs left to run and then we will be breaking down and moving to the 5th Series, a land blind. Callbacks will be coming...

Callbacks for the Fifth Series
1, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 32, 35, 36, 38, 39, 45, 46, 47, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 68, 69, 72, 75, 77, 78, 82, 83, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 96, 97

Dogs Dropped: 3, 21, 31, 34, 41, 48, 87, 92, 95

Dogs Returning: 54

Starting dog for the Fifth Series is #15.

Fifth Series: Land Blind with Dry Pop

The blind is 300 yards long. They are runnning from the top of the hill down the side of it crossing a very small stream going back up the far side hill. You loose sight of the dog for a few seconds. Some dogs have fallen off the far side and headed straight right. There are hay bales marking the hazards and the handlers have full lateral movement.

Part of the "Wisconsin Contingent" discusses the blind.
The "Thinkers" contemplate this land blind.

Mark Medford and "Mollie"

Bobby Smith and "Pride"

Both of the test dogs and a few others were filmed by the local NBC News affiliate, channel three.The Fifth series land blind has been going very well. The terrain has been described as having good mechanics. It is a beautiful piece of land with places for the dogs to get lost. Most have done a good job with a few excellent jobs. The test progressed and finished before 5 pm...in time for the Worker's party.

Brenda Little and Molly Schlachter sell their wares.

Be sure to visit Brenda Little's Lucky Labs stand for the latest in dog jewelry and accessories. Check out her new etched wine glasses. The perfect Christmas gift! Molly's photographs, both action shots and portraits are now also available for viewing on her website...You can check it out--the actual link to the 2010 Open is http://mcs-photography.com/photocart/index.php?do=photocart&viewGallery=4183

The callbacks have just been read our in the lobby of the headquarters hotel.  Six dogs have been lost to the land blind, 5th series. 

CALL BACK TO THE SIXTH SERIES LAND QUAD 1,6,7,11,12,13,15,16,18,19,22,23,24,25,27,29,32,36,39,45,46,47,49,51,52,54,
56,57,58,60,61,62,64,66,69,72,75,77,78,82,83,86,88,89,90,91,96,97   48 dogs returning

DOGS DROPPED 9, 17, 35, 38, 53, 65

The workers party is tonight and started 30 minutes ago.  We will send pictures.

The 6th series will be a quad with 2 flyers.  The flyers will be a rooster pheasant and a hen duck.  The dead bird stations will be 2 hen pheasants.  Test dogs will start the 6th series at 6:40 a.m.  Look for more information tomorrow on the local residents who have pitched in to lend their skills and business to make this National a success.

The Workers' Party

The tickets you received from the Hostess Committee when you walked
through the door ensured that you would get lots of neat gear and stuff.

Great entertainment!!

The Workers' Party was a great success last night. There was plenty of good old Southern food with fried chicken and black beans. The room was full of people letting off a little steam. Avery, today's sponsor, generously donated hundreds if items. There was also Purina Dog food and Brenda Little gave many pieces of jewelry and other dog-related items. Everyone got more than one gift.

People laughed and talked and had a lot of fun. They danced to the sounds of the two-man group that played a variety of really good dancing music.

Lee Jolley thanks everyone for their hard work, especially the Judges!

L to R: Our Judges, Chester Koeth, Martha Russell and Larry Calvert.

Chester Koeth thanks all the workers along with Judges Larry Calvert and Mrtha Russell.

Joe Broyles, Field Trial Chairman, also showed his appreciation for a trial that was years in the making.

Lee Jolley thanked everyone involved in the trial. Chester Koeth, one of the judges, also expressed his appreciation, reminding everyone of all the planning went into this for the last four years. When it was Joe Broyles turn to get up and speak, there was not much left to say...THANK YOU to ALL the WORKERS!

Y U M M Y ! !

Loren Morehouse and Dianne Clow.

Rick and Loretta Dirmeyer of Eukanuba.

L to R: Larry Calvert, Mitch Patterson, Martha Russell and Chester Koeth.

L to R: Mark and Becky Edwards and Mark Smith.
(poor Becky has two Marks against her....just had to!)

Linda and Mitch Patterson.

Bill and Becky Eckett.

Molly Schlachter, Official Photographer and Tina Ebner, Retriever News.


1. FC Mak's Convince Me Connie MH, LF
2. FC-AFC Close-Hauled To Windward, LM
3. FC-AFC Talkeetna River Teak MH, LM
4. FC Trumarc's Brother Bob, LM
5. FC-AFC Candlewood Justin Time Xinga, LF
6. FC Merlyn IV, LM
7. FC Dominator's Autumn Creek Gamble, LF
8. FC Adams Acres Water Lilly, LF
9. FC Seaside's Get The Party Started, LF
10. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Adams Acres Muddy Creek, LM
11. FC Cosmo's Cookie Cutter, LF
12. FC Lil Bits Cote D'Or Pinot Noir, LM
13. FC DoubleDuce, LM
14. FC Hardscrabbles Captain Morgan, LF
15. FC-AFC Wolf Creek CR Skeeter, LM
16. FC-AFC Volwood's Angel, LF
17. FC-AFC Watuag's Bull Gator, LM
18. FC Waterdog's Sweet Peaches, LF
19. FC-AFC Bayou-Star Beyond Independent, LF
20. FC-AFC Dixie City Jam II, LM
21. NFC Two Rivers Lucky Willie, LM
22. FC A Shadow Of Abe, LM
23. FC-AFC Hunter Runs BooBoo, LM
24. FC Aksarben's Prince, LM
25. FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble, LM
26. FC Pike Of Castlebay, LM
27. FC-AFC Trumarc's Whistling Bird, LF
28. FC Sanpitch River Shore Thing, LM
29. FC Wing Magic's Standpipe Moon, LF
30. FC-AFC Shooter's Sugar Cookie, LF
31. FC-AFC Pure Labs Skys The Limit, LM
32. FC Fresh Squeezed Juice, LM
33. Firemark Rackem And Stackem Casey, GM
34. FC-AFC Sureshot's TKO, LM
35. FC The Bear XVII, LM
36. FC Premier's Iron Man Ozzy, LM
37. AFC Glen Lake Black Kirsty MH, LF
38. FC-AFC Volwood's Big Ol' Rex, LM
39. FC-AFC Small Craft Advisory, LM
40. FC CK's Blue Velvet, LM
41. FC-AFC Land Ahoy, LM
42. FC-AFC Dominators Duke Of Turrell, LM
43. AFC Bo Ford's Full Bird Colonel, LM
44. FC-AFC Turkey Creek's Misery, LF
45. FC Seaside's Pelican Pete, LM
46. FC Carolina's Acoustic Storm, LF
47. FC Honky Tonk Take It Easy, LM
48. FC-AFC Fat City Pacer, LM
49. FC Counterpoint's Sidekick, LM
50. NAFC-FC Fourleaf's Ice Breaker, LM
51. FC-AFC Wood River's Franchise, LM
52. FC-AFC Weezer Retreezer, LM
53. FC Wingover's Pedro II, LM
54. FC-AFC Implied Consent, LM
55. AFC Hoot N Holler, LM
56. NAFTCH-FTCH-AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer, LM
57. FC SML Stella's Got Her Groove, LF
58. FC-AFC Candlewood Goldendaze Louie, LM
59. FC Hyflyer's Ramblin Rebel, LM
60. FC Candlewood's Man In Black, LM
61. AFC World Famous Rosa Barks, LF
62. FC-AFC-CNFC-CAFC Taylorlab Calumet's Big Blue, LM
63. FC Hawkeye's Sea Wolf, LM
64. FC-AFC Marsh Prairie Quick Pick, LM
65. FC Low Country Drake, LM
66. FC Shadow's Whiteshoes, LM
67. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Miah, LF
68. NFC Mioaks Fabulous Flipper, LF
69. FC-AFC Delpond's Pink Champagne, LF
70. Watermark's Mister Candlewood, LM
71. FC Two Step's No Ninety-Nine, LM
72. FC-AFC Great Bunns Of Fire, LF
73. FC Hilltop's High Society, LF
74. Trumarc's Mickey Mantle, LF
75. AFC Waquoit Bay's Lone Arranger, LM
76. FC-AFC Ebonstar Gotta Zoom, LM 77. FC Wood River's Duck Tucker, LM
78. FC-AFC My Name Is Bocephus, LM
79. FC-AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade, LM
80. FC World Famous Magical Mischief, LM
81. FC Candlewoods HiRoller RealDeal, LM
82. FC-CFC LKY's Controlled Burn, LM
83. FC-AFC Mercy Mercy Mercy Me, LF
84. FC-AFC Atlasta Winner, LF
85. FC-AFC Two Step's Tomboy, LF
86. FC Tip From A Gypsy, LF
87. FC Pinehurst's All That Jazz, LF
88. FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns, LM
89. AFC KPR's Wet Willie, LM
90. FC-AFC Joey's Zoom Zoom, LM
91. FC Dashwoods Second Chance, LM
92. FC Nebo's Gem Robber, LM
93. FC Bayou Teche Tex, LM
94. FC-AFC Coolwaters Hurricane Alley, LF
95. Glen Lake F4D Phantom MH, LF
96. FC-AFC Widgeon's Carbon Chip, LM
97. FC Jaybar's Tupperware, LM